Glass recording studio in public site.
6 people inside...
band, producer, engineer and TV host.
3 week time period to record an album. Create, sleep, eat and live inside.

Concept by Paul Curtis (Valve Records) and Regurgitator Developed by Valve Records Pty Ltd, Regurgitator Enterprises Pty Ltd and XYZ Networks Pty Ltd. Location: Federation Square, Melbourne. From August 31 to September 21 in 2004. Broadcast on Channel [V] daily (30 minute episodes) and Foxtel digital 802 (for 24 hours a day). Featuring Regurgitator, Magoo, Hugh & Jabba. Sponsored by Optus with Foxtel and Xbox. Building constructed by ESS. Recording studio by Black Box Recording.
Graphics by Rinzen.
Thanks to Mark Pope Mgmt, One Steel, Pilkingtons, IKEA, Roland, Fender, Orange, Ampeg, Rode, Musiclink, Fonic, Musiclab, Zlidjian, Vic Firth, Ableton, Technics, KRK, LG, Lifelounge, FLY53R135, Puma, Nudie, H2GO

Regurgitator, Channel [V] and Valve (Australia) 2004 (Glass, metal, wood, plastic, technology and humans)

Band in a Bubble at Federation Square is an interactive multimedia installation; a cross between a 'recording studio' and a living space; an intimate venue for the exhibition of human behaviour and musical creation.

Your audio-visual souvenir is part of the ephemeral visitation of the Bubble; in as much as your visit to the Bubble forms part of their everyday experience and creativity, the various characters that inhabit the Bubble's world forms part of your everyday culture.

The walls of connection are nothing but an illusion, as celebrity offers you a heightened sense of familiarity and ownership, the subsequent desire never allowed satisfaction - you watch and never touch - and yet the revelation of this music recording process forges an aural connection - you listen and can communicate - captivating the public sounds of place.

The experiment features Quan, Ben, Peter, Magoo, Hugh and Jabba and contains instances of human mundaneity.

Reality is dead. Music is dead. There is a dead horse lying in the "middle of the road" and we intend to give it a right good flogging.

Regurgitator has a long history of trying hard to buck the system that feeds them but as of August 31, they will give themselves over to the system, exposing themselves to the machinations of the "culture industry". In partnership with Channel V, they are sealing themselves in a transparent, "fishbowl" studio to record their new album and show the mediated world how the creative process is ultimately both destructive and hypnotic, liberatory and constraining, beautiful and very ugly. By creating a panoptic platform for their public, they will give themselves over to their viewers, fans and citizens and allow the intrusive eye of the public to pierce their bubble.

Regurgitator have always enjoyed unsettling themselves to record their albums - in a Thai popstar's house in Bangkok, an abandoned warehouse in Brisbane, a coastal retreat in Byron - but when their manager, suggested they imprison themselves in a very public place as both performance and inspiration, they acquiesced knowing that this would test their strength as both friends and collaborators. Like Hitchcock extras, they will be locked in with no escape from each other and ultimately themselves. We think it will be very entertaining and endeavour to amuse ourselves at their expense. Trapped for twenty-one days with each other and a plethora of cameras recording every twitch as they rush to record an entire album, they will give themselves to us like no band has given before. (released July 2004)


In 2007 BAND IN A BUBBLE will emerge in LONDON and NEW YORK - stay tuned!